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NVE Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturers and Co-Packers of: Liquids, Tablets, Capsules and Powders

NVE Pharmaceuticals

NVE Pharmaceuticals has been a pivotal force in the diet and energy supplement market for over 30 years. Starting out as a 500 sq ft retail health food store selling vitamins, sports nutrition, and diet and energy supplements, NVE has grown into a 320,000 square foot manufacturing complex. We concentrate on the research, development and production of a wide range of herbal, dietary and liquid supplements.

NVE serves companies from all over the world who would like to manufacture a private label product using their own proprietary blend, our in house blend, or a custom blend developed in our laboratory.

NVE manufactures supplements in tablet, capsule, caplet, effervescent and powder form as well as liquid products in 8.4 oz carbonated cans and 1.5 oz to 10 oz PET bottles.

2 oz, 3 oz, and 4 oz Energy / Vitamin Shots

Jump into a BIG market in a small way by allowing NVE Pharmaceuticals to custom manufacture a 2 oz, 3 oz or 4 oz energy or vitamin shot for you.

Whether you are providing us with a proprietary formula or you would like us to help you design and formulate your own unique product, NVE will show you how easily this can be accomplished.

NVE houses 5 high speed cold-fill energy and vitamin shot lines with the capacity to produce 30 million shots per month. We have stock and in-house custom blow-molded bottles available to provide your product with a custom look and feel.

NVE's complete in-house shot lines feature full-service shrink sleeve application, and fully automated packing in counter displays, master cases and palletizing.

We strive to exceed the standard and fulfill the commitment we have made to you by providing professional customer care, exceptional quality control and outstanding finished products.

8.4 oz Carbonated Beverages

NVE can help you develop a dynamic line extension to your existing products, as well as provide step-by-step instructions on how you can turn a great idea into a market ready product. Whether you'd like to provide your proprietary formula or you would like us to help you design and formulate a unique product, NVE can do either with ease.

NVE is guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations. In our premium 40,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art canning facility, our drink lines run an amazing 800 cans per minute of carbonated, cold fill beverages. Our facility uses the latest in quality control and inspection equipment and has the ability to custom pack-out 8.4 oz cans into both 4 and 6 packs online. In addition to a full run, the on-line custom shrink-sleeving of cans for short runs. Specialty and promotional labels are always available.

Capsule Filling & Tableting

Utilize available natural, clear capsules or choose from the brightest, most varied colors to help your product stand out on the shelf. To add a unique billboard, personalize your capsules by instructing us to code and/or print your logo or choice of markings for easier identification. Whether your product requires only a #5 capsule or demands our largest #00 elongated capsule, allow us to accommodate your order. Be sure to ask our representatives about the latest technology we make available to our customers which are seeded and time released capsules.

Our tablet compressing services allow you to choose from a variety of sizes, coatings, punches and colors. We can produce microgram tablets for the smallest formulations or press tablets up to an exceeding 5 grams. To further distinguish your tablets from those of the masses, we can use custom punches to imprint your company logo or markings of identification.

2oz. - 10oz. Custom Bottles

NVE's versatility allows customers the ability to take their private label product to the next level. Our manufacturing facility has the capability to cold fill non-carbonated liquids in a range of bottle sizes from a 2 oz shot bottle to a 10 oz drink bottle. NVE can help you get your energy shot to market quick. There is never an issue with getting bottles which are stock or custom. Our 6 plastic blow mold machines are capable of producing 3 million bottles per week in various shapes and sizes. Just tell us what the vision of your product is and let us do our best to meet or exceed your expectations.

Custom Packaging

Now you can choose to take your custom product to market in a wide variety of bottles, display boxes and/or attractive blisters and gain a competitive advantage. Whether you'd like your proprietary formula in capsules or tablets displayed in a clear, color or white bottle, attractively designed display box with or without a window or a blister pack, our modern pharmaceutical facility allows for high-speed, high capacity packaging.

NVE also has the ability to package your product into thermoform unit dose blister packages as well as multi dose packages. We offer a variety of options to create a unique package for your product. Our blister package design capabilities can be one or two sided and may be placed on attractive unique preprinted foil or paper.


Did you know that we offer a variety of services to help you formulate, improve or create any new products that you may have in mind? Leave all of the research and work to us and be assured that our development team will custom formulate a proprietary product that meets or exceeds your requirements and is made of only the highest quality ingredients.

Sourcing, Importing, Blending and Packaging

Let our knowledgeable and experienced staff help you get the biggest bang for your buck. We can source your raw materials, promotional refrigerators, custom racks or anything that you may need to take your product to market. Once these items are sourced and ready to import, we can arrange to have your proprietary ingredients delivered directly to our company. We can then custom blend your raw materials into your proprietary, finished product.

Relax, if you don't have the room to store your products, yet would like to save on manufacturing costs by having larger quantities produced, there is a simple solution! After manufacturing, we will store your products in pallet quantities and warehouse the pallets for a very competitive price. When stock is needed we can then ship what you want where you want as needed. Our warehouse is large, clean and climate controlled for optimal storage conditions and guaranteed product stability.

Don't waste time and money shipping your product two or even three times. Drop shipping from our location directly to your customer's location is available. Simply supply us with the necessary shipping information, and be confident that your customers will receive only the highest quality items within the shortest period of time.

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