30 years as a leader in the contract manufacturing and private labeling of nutraceuticals, vitamins, liquid and nutritional supplements.


NVE Pharmaceuticals continually strives to maintain an unwavering reputation for the delivery of exceptional products, services, and solutions where quality and dependability are of the greatest importance.

NVE Pharmaceutical’s mission is providing leading edge quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, and nutraceuticals with effective health benefits of the highest quality. NVE Pharmaceuticals has become the leader in the contract manufacturing and turnkey private labeling of nutritional supplements and related vitamin products of all mediums. We put special emphasis on the importance of our most valuable resource…Our Clients. NVE Pharmaceuticals provides all clients full service turnkey solutions in custom product formulations, product manufacturing, label design, packaging design, marketing, order fulfillment, and private label solutions


Compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws

No tolerance for child employment within our company and rejecting suppliers who use child labor

A guarantee of equal opportunity in recruitment, salary, training, promotion, and any aspect of our business. Regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, union membership, political opinions, disability, or any characteristic that may give rise to discrimination

Evaluate local area and ensure that NVE is compensating its employees competitively and fairly for the cost of living

Creation and offering development training or programs for employees at all levels to improve employee skill sets, motivation, and paths for advancement

Provide training on work safety, access to personal protection equipment, and the proper equipment and processes to ensure all work is performed safely

The formation of a Social Performance Team as outlined in SA8000 annex to implement, communicate, train, and continually monitor and analyze procedures to make ongoing improvements that have positive impacts to employees

Assess all of procedures and processes to ensure all are considered humane and socially responsible

Freedom of individual workers to form or join unions of their choice and the right to collective bargaining.


Commitment to Quality

NVE Pharmaceuticals is committed to quality at every level. In short, we stand behind our products.

You can count on us to deliver the highest quality products to your exact specifications, and we stand behind each product we manufacture with a complete satisfaction guarantee. This commitment to quality means that every item manufactured is inspected before it is packaged and leaves our warehouses. We provide a complete Certificate of Analysis for all products manufactured by NVE Pharmaceuticals.

NVE Pharmaceuticals was one of the earliest adopters in manufacturing of nutritional and dietary supplements to be manufactured under cGMP guidelines. This represents our commitment to our clients in our core philosophy of providing exceptionally quality and delivery of all products we manufacture at NVE Pharmaceuticals.


At NVE Pharmaceuticals we see our clients as being our most valuable resource. This guiding perspective has served us well over the years and is the centerpiece of our formula for success. We have established a reputation for reliability, on-time delivery, quality products and friendly, efficient service. NVE Pharmaceuticals takes pride in our ability to meet every aspect of our client’s needs. Our in-house special manufacturing and packaging, product development and marketing services are at the disposal of all our customers.

We realize that our customers simply cannot risk profits in growing private label categories, such as nutritional supplements and vitamins. Our clients require a manufacturer and supplier that are highly reliable and guarantees both quality products and service. NVE Pharmaceuticals and its management team are committed to service, quality and client satisfaction.


NVE Pharmaceuticals has an extensive product line that is supported by an experienced team dedicated to ensuring that our client’s needs are consistently met. With this eye on client satisfaction and quality, NVE Pharmaceuticals has organized its plant for both long and short runs to insure that order quantities are tailored to our client’s exact sales and needs. Our clients purchase private label products in specified quantities. Through this means, we keep inventories low, create faster turnarounds and eliminate outdated products.

Highest Standards

The qualities of NVE Pharmaceuticals products are equal to the national brands that manufacture their own products in every way including formulation, packaging and quality. Our dedication to excellence guarantees that all of our products meet the highest standards of quality control. Routine testing occurs in our private laboratory with all products receiving a certificate of analysis upon completion. NVE Pharmaceuticals follows all cGMP guidelines and follows all guidelines set out by the FDA.

Our clients return to us year after year due to our core operating philosophy and impeccable record of success in the contract manufacturing and private label of vitamins, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, and other health related products.