NVE Pharmaceuticals has the ability to take a product through every stage from start to finish, from concept to completion.

12oz Sleek Carbonated Cold-Filled & Tunnel Pasteurized Energy Drink, Soda, & Functional Beverage Production Facility

After 12 years' experience of copacking carbonated cans, NVE is now cold filling 12oz sleek carbonated aluminum cans, one of the most popular beverage cans on the shelf today, and their state-of-the-art plant is now filling up to 36,000 cans per hour.

12oz Sleek Cans

In addition to efficiently shrink sleeving cans for smaller and multiple sku projects, NVE is producing 12-can overwrapped trays as well as 24-can corrugated full wrap boxes.

NVE has their brand new pasteurization tunnel in place and ready for your clean projects NOW!!

NVE uses reverse osmosis, purified limestone aquifer well water and line time is currently available! Recent reports indicate that sparkling water sales are increasing while energy drinks continue their solid gains year after year. The latest retail data shows that ginger and other botanical based sodas plus a myriad of other functional beverages are trending and are able to command better pricing and retail placement in 12oz sleek cans.

Learn how our geographic location in the northwest New Jersey will make your logistics and shipping costs much more efficient!

Email Bruce at copacking@nveusa.com for more 12oz sleek details today!